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UTM Recognition to REPESEA Team

December 03, 2019

Our  REPESEA project was honoured as we bagged research awards this year as it involved a beyond boundaries types of action in spreading partnership and collaboration within the score of ERASMUS+ Project.  The first award was given by the Research Management Centre UTM and the second award, the Best Research Award for Azman Hashim International Business School was presented on the 4th December 2019.

REPESEA National Conference in Thailand

November 22, 2019

The Thailand REPESEA national conference was held in National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand on 23 November 2019. The conference was hosted by The International College of National Institute of Development Administration (ICO NIDA) and Burapha University International College (BUUIC). The National Conference addressed the two main issues from the final outcomes of the project including 1) National policy recommendation for research performance measurement and criteria and 2) The research performance measurement “System of Assessment for Impact and Quality of Research SAIQoR” The national conference discussed national policy recommendation by address some of the potential issues most Thai researchers face that limit their opportunities at both of the micro and macro level. Some of the limitations are including: Micro level 1) Teaching Focus vs Research Focus 2) Limitation due to the Application of the Same International Standards of Research Quality Assessment to Novices and Expert Researchers and 3) Language Barrier. Macro Level Limitations 1) Policy Support and 2) Lack of Research Databases.

REPESEA National Conference organized by UTM

October 02, 2019

We invited academics and industry partners of UTM to attend the REPESEA National Conference (UTM Chapter) on 3rd October 2019. This is the final initiative of the project to disseminate the findings of the research.  We also combined the conference with a workshop on how to develop academic impact, namely through continuously producing quality publications.

The team was honoured to have the presence of Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhammad Fauzi Bin Mohd Zain to deliver his keynotes and officiated the conference. Repesea Erasmus+ Project has developed and proposed SAIQOR, as a research instrument aimed to complement the existing Malaysia Research Assessment (myRA) Higher Education Malaysia.


During the conference, attendees were given a highlight of the proposed instruments and policy. This proposed instruments will help to improve the capacity building of higher education in Malaysia.

Offering happiness to a less-fortunate group

August 03, 2019

One of the SAIQOR non-academic impact is the needs to focus on industry, cultural heritage and community.  In disseminating as well as testing SAIQOR, we travelled to east coast of Malaysia, trailing along the rural community of Kelantan to collaborate with a batik small and medium enterprise and special school (for less-abled children) in one of the rural community,  In this way, we were able to test SAIQOR n that one project could focus into three potential impacts- the small and medium industry, batik as the cultural heritage and the special-needs children of a rural, low income group.

In a half-day programme, we collaborated with Rumah Gahara to provide a batik canting session for special needs children from Sekolah Anak Ikan, Terengganu. Batik is a method of using wax and dye to decorate cloth, and canting is a pen-like tool used in batik process. The word batik is originated from Javanese word ‘tik’ which means dot. The children, from a low income family and have some special needs in education were exposed to the techniques to improve their cognitive skills and embrace cultural heritage.

In a hot sunny day, with strong breeze of winds from the nearby sea, we did something different this time. Instead of telling the public about who we are and what we do, we directly show them our REPESEA  value!

UiTM held the REPESEA National Conference in Malaysia

October 01, 2019

The REPESEA National Conference held on the 2nd October 2019 at Grand Bluewave Hotel Shah Alam was a success. It achieved its objectives as to disseminate and share the 11 outcome of the REPESEA project in introducing SAIQoR as a new measurement tool to be included in enhancing the Malaysian Research Assessment (MYRA) instrument. The UiTM REPESEA team would also like to thank Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union through this REPESEA project in supporting and co-financing this REPESEA National Conference 2019.

MD FEB UGM Conducted Dissemination Agenda of REPESEA in Makassar

August 20, 2019

Monday, 5 August 2019, in order to increase participation and dissemination of information related to the Final Project Conference activities of Research Performance in South East Asia (REPESEA) project, the Master of Science and Doctorate Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (MD FEB UGM) held a road show of REPESEA dissemination on a number of campuses in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Road show activities begin on July 31 until August 7, 2019.

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