Roles of Coordinator and Partners – emphasizing on the roles of all involved.

Quality factors: Cost, Time and Scope triangle

Importance of financial management is stressed.

Dissemination tools: Visual identity (logo etc.), website and content, flyer (Publicity/ visibility rules – Erasmus+ logo with “co-funded by the …” at the side)


Implementation of work plan: Track deviation and redirect activities to get back on track; modification of original plans


Quality assurance: Internal (by project team; Monitoring – roadmap, dashboard, Gantt chart etc., Assessing & measuring – Logical Framework Matrix, SWOT analysis etc., Internal peer review) and External QA


Synergies with other projects





Grant Agreement – contractual and legal framework; proposal is part of theAgreement; payment modalities incorporated in the Partnership Agreement


Eligibility period: 15 October of the year for three years


Payment cycle: 50% 1st installment at contract signature, 40% 2nd installment after 1st is 70% spent, 10% balance (or a max payment) after analysis of final report by EACEA; claim equivalent staff cost and return it to the university unless working on the project on non-working days


Reporting obligations: Progress report – n+18 (half-life); Final report 2 months after project ends; professional report preparation – no copy-paste proposal etc.; set internal deadlines to meet actual deadlines so that expenditure proofs and account can be prepared in advance.


Changes to the project: Administrative changes (PIC), functional changes (eligibility period, partnership withdrawal, budget – 10% rule for virement and make sure to change vote well before project ends); Inform Coordinator to apply for changes in the Grant Agreement


Recovering VAT (read: GST) – if not possible by partner university, can be declared as expenditure




Prevent future problems – Learn and understand


Prerequisites for effective implementation – Communication, QA, dissemination strategy, sustainability strategy


Real partnership – Genuine engagement and conversations; take your place in the partnership based on rights and obligations



PART 3 – REPESEA Presentation


A short overview of REPESEA was presented by the team representative Dr. Maizatulaidawati Md Husin (assisted by Dr Haliyana Khalid) explaining the conceptualization and development of REPESEA.

Date: 21.11.2017
By: Maizatulaidawati Md Husin


Cluster Meeting - Principles and Good Practices – Project and Financial Management
REPESEA was represented by Dr. Maizatulaidawati Md Husin (assisted by Dr Haliyana Khalid)