Memorandum of Understaning 

The REPESEA project will reach another milestone!

Universitas Islam Indonesia officials will visit International College, Burapha University. On 20th of February, officials from Universitas Islam Indonesia and International College, Burapha University will sing the MoU. The MoU singing ceremony will be held on 3rd floor in REPESEA Research Center. 


The delegates from UII, are:

1. Nandang Sutrisno, S.H., LL.M., M.Hum., Ph.D. (Rector)

2. Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch. (Director of Office of International Affairs)

3. Hangga Fathana, S.IP., B.Int.St., M.A. (Director of Marketing, Partnership, and Alumni Affairs)

The delegates from BU, are:

1. Kumutinee Worasuwan (Dean of International College)

2. Samart Plangpramool (Associate Dean for International Affairs and Networking