During November 29-30, 2017 European Commission; The EU Delegation to Myanmar organized “the 2017 Regional Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education” in Yangon, Myanmar. The two day conference had the aim to provide information and details about different projects funded by the European Union within this region. Another objective of the conference was to strengthen networks among the delegates from different projects and use contacts to exchange experiences and new ideas for academic cooperation in the future.


We were delighted to have Assistant Professor. Dr. Sid Suntrayuth from the International College of NIDA (ICO NIDA), Bangkok, Thailand to present our project “Assessing and Improving Research Performance at South East Asian Universities (REPESEA)” during this conference. There was a lot of interest in this project among the participants. Many participants reflected that this project can surely serve the main agenda of the European Union in capacity building in higher education institutions in the South-East Asian region. 


We appreciate the support from European Union and the delegation of the European Union to Myanmar for organizing this conference.

Date: 29-30.10.2017
By: Sid Suntrayuth


The 2017 Regional Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education
REPESEA was represented by assoc. prof. Sid Suntrayuth in Myamar