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Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Rector: prof. Marek Rocki
Public University
University name in mother tongue:
Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie
Founder: founded by government
Number of faculties: 5
Number of students: about 16 500
Number of teachers: 750 (about 600 with doctoral degree)
Number of study programmes : about 190 (including about 150 postgraduate programs)
Number of  individual courses taught in foreign languages : 45
International cooperation: 
- CEMS Master’s in International Management Programme
- Partnership in International Management
- Canadian Executive MBA (with UQAM)
- European Projects (Erasmus+, TEMPUS, CEEPUS, Jean Monnet, etc.)
- Erasmus-Mundus projects (One More Step [OMS – EMA2], -Widening Egyptian and Lebanese Cooperation and Mobility with Europe [WELCOME – EMA2], Mobilities for Innovation and Development [MID – EMA2], Swap and Transfer [SAT – EMA2], Founding the Siberian Centre of European Education [SCEE – EMA3])
- German Summer School (supported by DAAD)
- 10 Master Double Degree Programs
- Horizon 2020 projects
REPESEA at University media:
Country: Poland
Location: Warsaw
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About the University

The Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) is Poland's most prestigious economic university ranked by "The Financial Times" among the best European economic universities. SGH co-operates with over 150 universities in Europe and worldwide and takes part in the research activities in co-operation with leading international research centres. The researchers lead the rankings of internationally recognized academics from Poland, e.g. in the RePEc repository. SGH regularly belongs to major beneficiaries of international research grants awarded by Horizon2020 (H2020) and the Seventh Framework Programme (7FP), Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and its continuation ERASMUS+,  COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), Polish-Norwegian Research Fund, EU tenders, International Visegrad Fund and many others.  SGH is famous for its tradition, flexible adjustments of programmes to students’ needs, unquestionable education level, and successful alumni. The World Economy Research Institute (WERI), within which East Asian Research Unit operates, is strongly focused on the research and educational areas covering global aspects of economic development, international trade and foreign direct investment, innovation systems, competitiveness and economic development with special focus on the region of the South East Asia.


The Warsaw School of Economics is the oldest university of economics and management in Poland. As it seeks to impart a European dimension to its academic activity, SGH combines an over century-long tradition with engagement in the contemporary world and the pursuit of future challenges. In its educational endeavours, the School seeks to provide students with the latest knowledge, solid working skills and a sense of responsibility to society. In its research activities, the School is guided by respect for the truth and usefulness to society.

The School conducts both its educational and research activities in the field of economics and managerial sciences drawing on the achievements of other social sciences. Graduates of SGH, equipped with the latest general and specialized knowledge, are making a significant contribution to economic, social and political life in Poland and abroad. Together with academic and administrative staff, students and representatives of milieus connected with the School, they create the image of SGH, promoting its achievements and realizing its mission together.