REPESEA Training at UEBA 2019

Soft Skills for Academic and Research Assessment Managers in the 21st Century
Bratislava, Slovakia, 1st - 5th July 2019

Program aim:

The aim of the soft skills program is to academics and research assessment managers with the portfolio of highly effective communication tools. Upon successful completion of the program in English language, the attendees will be capable of more effective collaboration in international environment, managing their work time efficiently and of communicating with higher portion of assertiveness. They will also increase their capabilities in providing and receiving constructive feedback, solving problems and make decisions at a workplace and captivating their audience while presenting or applying design principles into daily communication routine.

Trainer: Peter Rusiňák, PhD.
During his academic tenure, Peter co-founded the Center for North American Studies at the University of Economics in Bratislava and until 2016 served as the Center´s manager. He has been a passionate supporter of the business-academic cooperation as he has been building bridges between universities and corporations since the beginning of his career. Currently, Peter serves as the policy officer in the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and leads trainings on communication, soft skills, business etiquette and career advisory.

Training Schedule: 1st – 5th July 2019 

Venue:  University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemská cesta 1, 852 35 Bratislava, Slovakia

Preliminary Program Schedule

The following schedule will be held on 1st-4th of July at Training Room: A3.13 – Building of the Rectorate of the UEBA:


July 1, 2019        Time Management

July 2, 2019       Problem Solving

July 3, 2019       Decision Making

July 4, 2019       Communication Skills

Please download the following PDF files (links available at the bottom section on this web page) to get more detailed schedule and more information about the training topics, accommodation, and also transportation arrangement.

Social programme:


2nd July 2019 Official Event Dinner

This event will be organized at the cost of 20 Eur per person – cost is to be covered by participants and is to be paid at the registration. Bratislava walking sightseeing tour will be offered before the dinner – hosted by UEBA (TBC – based on the interest of participants).


5th July 2019 Networking Event - Trip to Devin Castle by boat

Departure from Bratislava is at 10.00. Arrival to Devin is at 11.30. We will have two hour break at Devin and departure from Devin is at 13.30 and arrival to Bratislava is at 14.00. The boarding of passengers starts 15 minutes before the departure of the ship. It is possible to buy online ticket here: . The price for return ticket is 13 €/ per person – to be covered by participants.


Please, note that the registration for the official dinner, the sight-seeing tour and the networking day on 5th July will be carried out using Google form. Please, also note that if you decide not to attend the networking event at the cost of the boat ticket, you will not be eligible to claim cost of stay for that day. If you need help with the accommodation booking, please, contact our staff on the following email address.

Please, send us planned arrival time to Bratislava, so we might help you with the transportation or other related issues.
If you have any question, please contact:

Eva Sirakovova
Phone: 00421910569442 (you can use WhatsApp)

Download PDF

Download more detailed information in PDF format about the REPESEA Training at UEBA 2019: 

REPESEA Training at UEBA 2019 - Program Information

REPESEA Training at UEBA 2019 - Annotations